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UV ink will become the fastest growing printing ink

       UV ink refers to the ultraviolet irradiation, the use of different wavelengths and energy of the ultraviolet light to make the ink is connected to the monomer polymer into a polymer, so that ink film and dry ink. They have a bright color (except for special circumstances), good printing adaptability, suitable for curing drying rate and environmental protection performance. At the same time, good adhesion, and have the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weathering, etc..

With the establishment of the environmental protection laws and regulations, the market demand for environmental protection and sustainable printing ink is growing. Food packaging is the most potential market for energy curable inks. U.S. Food and Drug Administration released the latest food contact notification (FCN) 722, it is the foundation for the field of energy curing into the food packaging.

From the point of view of the kinds of environmental protection and sustainable ink, Pira international think growth will be the fastest is the UV ink, it in 2009 to 2014 period average annual compound growth rate will reach about 7%, market size will also 12.8 billion euros from growth to 20 billion euros. Other for printing enterprises to bring opportunities in the field: shrink sleeve label, thermoplastic ink, innovation sheetfed ink, point of sale show figure and glass decoration printing substrate and printed electronics.

According to Pira international PiraInternational most of the new investigation report shows, the market size of the global green (environmental friendly ink in 2009 reached $58 billion, and is expected to reach $72 billion in 2014, with an average annual compound growth rate of 4.5%.

        At present, the foundation of environmental protection or sustainable ink may also be relatively weak, but it will be able to give the raw material suppliers, equipment manufacturers and ink manufacturers to bring valuable development opportunities in the future. Printing industry is trying to transition to sustainable development, environmental protection and economic double benefits of innovative products, the market is gradually being replaced by the latest development of environmentally friendly products.

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